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A Weekend in Chicago

A Weekend in Chicago

My 27th Birthday in Chicago!

I just want to start off by saying Chicago was nothing short of Amazing. I was able to snag round trip tickets from DIA to Chicago for $99 on United. My birthday is in February so it was pretty cold while we were there but I must say under $100 is a steal and I will take it with or without the cold.

We stayed in the beautiful WhiteHall Hotel in downtown Chicago. Frankie and I walked almost everywhere - really conveniently located! (Perfect if you are a shopper- Its like the Rodeo Drive of Chicago.)


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Day 1:

We arrived in Chicago dropped off our bags and headed out for a bite to eat. I like to be spontaneous sometimes so this part of the trip was not completely planned out so we wandered about a mile or so from our hotel and came across Sunny Side Up Breakfast. Cute little spot to grab a bite to eat a latte!

After that we walked to the BEAN and did a casual walk through the city. Of course I made Frankie take 100 Boomerangs of me infront of the bean- If you didnt know great IG spot!


We then walked over to the Art Institute of Chicago which I highly recommend. Make sure you carve out a few hours for this!

We capped the night with dinner at Soda. Soda is modern asian with a twist. We had ox tail which is completely outside of my comfort zone but I have to say it's a must try. Everything we had ws phenomenal!


Day 2

We started the morning with brunch at Bar Siena. Such a cute spot (Most of the places I went in Chicago had amazing interior design)! Get the dutch pancake you won't regret or maybe you will. LOL.

While in Chicago you have to indulge in some of the touristy things such as the SKYDECK. If you know me - I'm terrified of heights so this was a major accomplishment for me. Just go do it!


Afterwards we headed over to Headquarters Beercade- highly recommend if you just want to have a good beer and play Pac Man! Also great IG spot!


We then to what I know as heaven on earth Eataly. This is like going to a grocery store with every great part of Italy packed inside of it. I'm talking the whole nine- Fresh mozza, homemade pasta, truffle pasta, cannolis// I'm literally drooling right now that's how much I love this place.

For Dinner that night (Yes, I went to dinner after my trip to EATALY- if your judging me just click out of this tab) we went to Fulton Market Kitchen-- so hip I almost couldn't handle it. As you walk in there's a dj spinning vinyl and of course the menu had 5 shareable items. OKAYYY I'm done hating it was great food though!

Last but not least we went to Second City Comedy Club- THIS IS A MUST DO!

Day 3

For all you Fashionistas head over to Wicker Park! (Great shopping area- I ended up scoring platform Steve Maddens that come to find out only released to certain stores).

Ate brunch at the Bongo Room- 

For sunset we went to the John Hancock building and went to the the top floor bar. Definitely do this for sunset. Great photo spot and birds eye view of the city.

Dinner was at Osteria Langhe// beautiful Italian resteraunt

Day 4-

The city is super picturesque so we just walked around taking photos and of course made one last stop to Eately. I have a problem!


I hope this helps on your weekend trip to Chicago!

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